Success Story: Wana and Brenda - Artists for Trauma

AFT provides trauma survivors a means to heighten their awareness, creativity and engagement by pairing them with an artist from an art discipline that speaks to their heart. Here are some success stories.

Wana and Brenda

Wana Klasen and Brenda*

Wana Klasen is a self-taught artist who was paired with one of AFT’s Student Artists, Brenda*, since earlier in the year, collaborating on a series of watercolors and paintings. Brenda had a car accident in 2012, suffering shoulder, neck and back injuries and subsequent depression and anxiety as a result of the trauma she suffered.

Even after the first session together, Wana told us how Brenda was a “natural artist and took right to watercolor. She is enthusiastic and ready to explore!” As they worked together, Wana told us that Brenda ” reaches into her own imagination and brings forth ideas and enthusiasm!!” Wana and Brenda are reaching the end of their engagement together.

Wana was so inspired by their collaboration together so far that she shared a poem with us that she had written. With Wana’s permission, we are sharing her moving words here.

“I am frequently reminded of your words about accepting our entire being, whether whole or injured, healthy or healing. I am also reminded of my own healing journey, and the amazing comfort I felt , which surrounded me from within and fromoutside me. Certainly from my family and friends, but more importantly from the ever-encompassing , surrounding, permeating, cradlinglove of my God.

So I am sharing with youthe song/poem which resulted from that consoling and encouraging experience.”

A Song of Love

I will be your Eyes in the dark….my Hand will guide you.
And, I will be your Comfort in times when no other love abides you.
I’m the Oceans your sail…the Mountains you climb.
The Earth beneath your feet and,…I am Time.

I will dry the tears of your pain… with the Love that enfolds you,
Embrace the Sun, the Moon, the Wind and the Rain. They aregifts to console you.
I’m theJoy that you feel when the healing is done.
The Midnight Stars and I….are One.

Yes, I am your God. I’ll stand here by you
I’ll reach for your hand….I’ll walk this road with you.

When you feel lost and search for the way…I’m a Light in the window.
Tossed about, cast aside or turned away, ….I’ll be your Safe Harbor.
I’m the Face of a Child, …the Eyes of the Old.
The Beginning and the End as lives unfold.

Yes! I am your God. I’ll stand here by you.
I’ll reach for your hand….I’ll walk this road with you.

words and music by Wana Klasen c. 7-1995

*name changed to protect privacy

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