Success Stories - Artists for Trauma

AFT provides trauma survivors a means to heighten their awareness, creativity and engagement by pairing them with an artist from an art discipline that speaks to their heart. Here are some success stories.

Shelly and Ki

Rachelle (Shelly) Jones and Ki Cho Shelly’s mother wrote: “Rachelle (Shelly) Jones is a vibrant 22 year old. In January 2009, during her second quarter of study at the University of Oregon, she suffered two brain aneurysms which burst. She was in a coma for three weeks, hospitalized for five months and has suffered the … Read More

Katherine and Ethan

Katherine Berke and Etan Boritzer UPDATE: Katherine’s story has recently been featured in the Ventura County Star and the Thousand Oaks Acorn. She is recovering from her jaw surgery at the end of February. If you would like to keep updated on her progress, you can follow her blog, written by her family. Katherine Berke … Read More

Wana and Brenda

Wana Klasen and Brenda* Wana Klasen is a self-taught artist who was paired with one of AFT’s Student Artists, Brenda*, since earlier in the year, collaborating on a series of watercolors and paintings. Brenda had a car accident in 2012, suffering shoulder, neck and back injuries and subsequent depression and anxiety as a result of … Read More

Ford and Bruce

Ford Austin and Bruce Eckstut Ford Austin survived a horrific car accident in March 2011. His inspiring letter to Artists for Trauma a year after his accident became one of our first blog postings, and now two years after his accident, he is singing, dancing, and, even more importantly, he is acting again. Artists for … Read More