Artists for Trauma Painting Workshop at SCI Group - Artists for Trauma

Artists for Trauma Painting Workshop at SCI Group

Artists for Trauma Adaptive Painting Workshop at SCI Group

December 8, 2014
Six Artists for Trauma artists helped guide 11 participants as they expressed themselves using paintbrushes, sponges, acrylic and water color paint, colored penicls, markers, and charcoal.
“You were allowed to use your imagination”
“I like being around people here”
“Fun, enjoyable, art is good for the mind – get to pour your soul into a canvas”
“It took my mind off what’s happening now and took me to another place”

Artistic, adaptive and empowering healing workshops

Artists for Trauma holds a wide array of small to large scale, adaptive arts and entertainment workshops to provide and facilitate empowering healing experiences for participating adult trauma survivors, their family members and care givers.

A large unique component of Artists For Trauma (AFT) is the wonderful generosity of our volunteer AFT artists. These artists are established and highly acclaimed in their various disciplines and artistic communities and richly give back to the community through the blessing of their talent.

Through strategic partnerships, Artists for Trauma, our volunteer artists and other local, national and international individuals and organizations collaborate to provide adaptive, post acute, integrative health services to disfigured and disabled trauma survivors. Artists for Trauma staff and artists facilitate our signature creative, compassionate, free of charge, body, mind and spirit workshops.

We invite you to observe the joyful transformation and impact of the extraordinary Artists for Trauma healing through art experience for the recovering trauma survivor.