Fighting the Ebola virus in Liberia - Artists for Trauma

Fighting the Ebola virus in Liberia

Artist for Trauma joins in the fight against the disfiguring, traumatizing life and death issues related to global, life altering water borne diseases and to participate with Waves for Water in their ongoing collaboration with Liberia’s Dr. Kimmie Weeks, and his Youth Action International mission.

AFT has teamed with Waves for Water in their support of Dr. Weeks and his first responders in the fight against the traumatizing effects of the Ebola virus in Liberia.

Dr. Weeks and Waves for Water’s immediate mission is to bring clean water hand-washing stations and non touch, digital thermometers to every school in Liberia in an effort to reduce the transference likelihood of Ebola through physical touch and cross contamination.

Artists for Trauma donated 30 digital, non touch, laser thermometers to provide and assist in the best practice, safe health screenings process to minimize the transference issues related to the spread of the Ebola Virus and other diseases.

The AFT donated thermometers helped to decrease the spread of Ebola by taking an individual’s temperature with a non touch laser that reads temperatures emitted from the body. With no physical contact required, doctors and nurses are able to screen a larger number of people at a faster rate without the increased worry of spreading the Ebola causing virus and other disease potentialities.

Waves for Water’s primary mission facilitated through various, strategic global partnerships, is to donate and integrate cost effective clean water filtering devices and well restoration projects through local hire to provide safe, clean drinking and usage water for humanity in diverse, water borne disease challenging conditions in global locations.

AFT took action through our strategic partnership with Waves for Water by recognizing, understanding and respecting the fact that we all live in this world together, we all have the responsibility and power to help, support, and improve each other’s lives through creative, integrative and effective collaboration.

To learn more about the benefits of laser digital thermometers please read the article Gadget Report: Infrared Thermometer to Fight Ebola Premiers at CES 2015 which you can access at

To find out more about Dr. Weeks and his work with Youth Action International please visit their website at

To find our more about Waves for Water’s cost effective clean water filtering devices, and how you can help bring clean safe drinking water to our neighbors around the world, please visit their website at

Artistic, adaptive and empowering healing workshops

Artists for Trauma holds a wide array of small to large scale, adaptive arts and entertainment workshops to provide and facilitate empowering healing experiences for participating adult trauma survivors, their family members and care givers.

A large unique component of Artists For Trauma (AFT) is the wonderful generosity of our volunteer AFT artists. These artists are established and highly acclaimed in their various disciplines and artistic communities and richly give back to the community through the blessing of their talent.

Through strategic partnerships, Artists for Trauma, our volunteer artists and other local, national and international individuals and organizations collaborate to provide adaptive, post acute, integrative health services to disfigured and disabled trauma survivors. Artists for Trauma staff and artists facilitate our signature creative, compassionate, free of charge, body, mind and spirit workshops.

We invite you to observe the joyful transformation and impact of the extraordinary Artists for Trauma healing through art experience for the recovering trauma survivor.