Workshops - Artists for Trauma

Artistic, adaptive and empowering healing workshops

Artists for Trauma holds a wide array of small to large scale, adaptive arts and entertainment workshops to provide and facilitate empowering healing experiences for participating adult trauma survivors, their family members and care givers.

A large unique component of Artists For Trauma (AFT) is the wonderful generosity of our volunteer AFT artists. These artists are established and highly acclaimed in their various disciplines and artistic communities and richly give back to the community through the blessing of their talent.

Through strategic partnerships, Artists for Trauma, our volunteer artists and other local, national and international individuals and organizations collaborate to provide adaptive, post acute, integrative health services to disfigured and disabled trauma survivors. Artists for Trauma staff and artists facilitate our signature creative, compassionate, free of charge, body, mind and spirit workshops.

We invite you to observe the joyful transformation and impact of the extraordinary Artists for Trauma healing through art experience for the recovering trauma survivor.



VCMC Brain Injury Painting Workshop

November 15, 2015

AFT hosted its signature Adaptive Painting Workshop at VCMC, bringing together life altered adult trauma survivors of significant TBI and polytrauma, VCMC Clinic staff, and AFT volunteers in an environment of inspiration, hope, friendship, and new connections all through the magic of art making. Participants came together sharing stories, smiles, and laughter as paintings were … Read More

LMU Sponsored Focus Group

October 31, 2015

Wrapping up the 1st month of the new year, AFT was honored to have 5 of its student artists participate in a focus group hosted by one of AFT’s very own volunteers. AFT’s volunteer, Erika Schreefel, is conducting research as part of her graduate studies program on the role that the art making process has … Read More

Wheelchair Hip Hop

August 31, 2015

ARTISTS FOR TRAUMA HAS PARTNERED WITH WALK AND ROLL FOUNDATION AS OUR PREFERRED ADAPTIVE DANCE ARTISTS. WE ARE HONORED AND DELIGHTED TO SUPPORT AND PROMOTE Walk and Roll’s dance team to our AFT Student Artists who are recovering from life altering traumas such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and amputation. With the start … Read More

Special Olympics Host Town Program

July 23, 2015

AFT was beyond proud and honored to join our healing through arts & entertainment partners: Valley Cultural Center and Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills. Kaiser Permanente hosted 655 athletes and their support teams to an afternoon of fun, food, interactive art making and dance!

Artist for Trauma 2nd Annual Fashion Show at Valley Cultural Center’s 40th Anniversary World Music and Cultural Event

June 20, 2015

Artists for Trauma was overjoyed to once again present to the communities of Los Angeles and the world , empowerment and support to life altered adult military and civilian trauma survivors by proudly facilitating its 2nd Annual Fashion Show with strategic community partners Macy’s Topanga Plaza, My Stylist, Koziak Productons, Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc., Military … Read More

Jodi House Art Show

June 4, 2015

Topanga FUN Flower Arranging Workshop

April 15, 2015

AFT enjoyed its 2nd event of the year at Topanga Terrace and Villas as TTV’s inspiring team clinical staff, patient residents, and visiting friends and family came together for a wonderful day of art making! In spite of some participants having limited abilities to speak or move freely, individuals beautifully demonstrated their ability to communicate … Read More

Fighting the Ebola virus in Liberia

March 31, 2015

Artist for Trauma joins in the fight against the disfiguring, traumatizing life and death issues related to global, life altering water borne diseases and to participate with Waves for Water in their ongoing collaboration with Liberia’s Dr. Kimmie Weeks, and his Youth Action International mission. AFT has teamed with Waves for Water in their support … Read More

Topanga Terrace Painting Workshop

February 17, 2015

AFT and Topanga Terrace and Villas held their 1st event of the year and what a success it was! TTV’s amazing clinical staff including Director of Business Development Surena Boyce and patient residents joined AFT Founder and CEO, Laura Sharpe and AFT Director of Volunteer Artists’ Wana Klasen and other AFT Volunteer Artists for a … Read More


Artists for Trauma Painting Workshop at SCI Group

December 8, 2014

Artists for Trauma Adaptive Painting Workshop at SCI Group December 8, 2014 Six Artists for Trauma artists helped guide 11 participants as they expressed themselves using paintbrushes, sponges, acrylic and water color paint, colored penicls, markers, and charcoal. “You were allowed to use your imagination” “I like being around people here” “Fun, enjoyable, art is … Read More

AFT Long Beach VA SCI Center Painting Workshop

December 8, 2014

AFT enjoyed yet another successful and fun adaptive painting workshop, this time with our friends at the Long Beach VA SCI Center! AFT was honored to spend the afternoon with some of our countries highly appreciated and respected veterans as they laughed and smiled while creating their amazing art pieces. The day was so successful … Read More

Jessies Place Benefit

October 26, 2014


October 26, 2014

Artists for Trauma Fashion Show & RAJ 14

August 30, 2014

Artists for Trauma Fashion Show & RAJ 14 August 30, 2014 Our AFT professional fashion show coordinator, makeup and hair stylists, photographer and filmmaker were on hand for the Arists for Trauma Fashion Show and RAJ 14. Fashion clothes by Macy’s Topanga Plaza and Adaptive Clothing Lines, ABL Denim and Cozee-On-The-Go. We were honored to … Read More

AFT Fashion Show for Trauma Survivors at RAJ14

August 30, 2014

AFT celebrated its partnership and title sponsorship of the RAJ 14/ Rhythm and Joy Festival showcasing the first ever AFT Fashion Show! The fashion show was a long time dream of AFT and featured models from a group of thriving civilian and military reConfigured and reAbled trauma survivors from Los Angeles, California who represent Artists … Read More

Painting Workshop at St. Jude Medical Center

June 10, 2014

Adaptive Painting Workshop at St. Jude Medical Center June 10, 2014 Four Artists for Trauma artists helped guide 14 inspiring participants as they expressed themselves using paintbrushes, sponges, acrylic and water color paint, colored penicls, markers, and charcoal. An inspiring event at the St. Jude Medical Center we will never forget. “Free flow & creative … Read More

Kinetic Sand Workshop

June 6, 2014

  Two Artists for Trauma artists were at NextStep Fitness for an inspiring Adaptive Kinetic Sand Workshop event. “Relaxing and Mentally Stimulating” “It was great to learn new ways to work with my hands.” “Playing with it was therapeutic” “The volunteers were very welcoming and kind.” “I enjoyed watching everyone have fun and meeting new … Read More

Painting Workshop

May 25, 2014

Adaptive Painting Workshop May 24-25, 2014 Artists for Trauma was thrilled to provide and facilitate its signature adaptive painting workshop for Triumph Foundation’s annual Sports Weekend/Wheelchair Sports Festival. 8 Artists for Trauma artists compassionately guided 350 spinal cord injury survivors and their family members through the act of self-expression as they engaged with painting and … Read More

Easy and Fun Flower Design and Arrangement

May 2, 2014

Adaptive, Easy and Fun Flower Design and Arrangement May 2, 2014 Our first ever Easy and Fun Adaptive Flower Arrangement workshop was a success at Next Step Fitness! 16 participants came together and were guided by 2 Artists for Trauma artists as they created stunning works of art by handpicking the flowers, accent pieces, and … Read More

My Fit Foods Body Balancing with Nutrition

April 4, 2014

My Fit Foods Body Balancing with Nutrition April 4, 2014 Artists for Trauma partnered with My Fit Foods to bring the value of artful culinary nutrition on the quality of recovery to Next Step Fitness members. Spinal cord injury survivors learned many ways of staying active, eating healthy, and enjoying life to its fullest in … Read More

Sacred Sound Healing Drum Circle

February 7, 2014

Sacred Sound Healing Drum Circle February 7, 2014 Willkarsara brought the sacred sounds of the Andes to NextStep Fitness. 3 Artists for Trauma artists sacred sound healers were present with cultural drumbs, woodwinds, and feathers. “I enjoyed the peaceful, calming, loving vibrations you’ve brought to this day. Thank you.” “I liked the positive vibe and … Read More


Triumph Foundation Rose Bowl Parade Float Tour

October 26, 2013

We recently became acquainted with the Triumph Foundation through Melissa Allensworth, also a Next Step Fitness member, and we have been delighted to become fast friends with the founder, Andrew Skinner, who is giving back so much to those with spinal cord injuries through the organization. Artists for Trauma is now featured as a resource … Read More

CNN Interview

October 26, 2013

Laura Sharpe, founder of Artists for Trauma, was featured on CNN.


October 24, 2013

Veterans Park Conservancy

October 24, 2013

Veterans Park Conservancy The Veterans Park Conservancy (VPC) was founded in 1986 with the mission of protect, preserve and enhance the open space of the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs campus from commercial development and sale.  Through a successful public private partnership with the West LA VA. VPC’s projects include:  the $2.2 million  enhancements tot … Read More



Ford Austin and Bruce Eckstut

October 19, 2011

Ford Austin survived a horrific car accident in March 2011. His inspiring letter to Artists for Trauma a year after his accident became one of our first blog postings, and now two years after his accident, he is singing, dancing, and, even more importantly, he is acting again. Artists for Trauma ended up working with … Read More